Anti-Moisture Package

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Ingredients from Silica Gel desiccant package:

Packed from Silicagel desiccant beads, and it has a chemical formula of (SiO2.nH2O, n<2)

– Silicagel particle size: 2-4mm absorbs moisture better.

– Silicagel has the ability to absorb water in a specific condition or environment, limit moisture, prevent mold, and prevent moisture for the product.

Packaging material: wrapping paper /cotton paper / Non Woven Fabrics / Tyvek / OPP / PE / Du Pond type packing.

Keep the goods well protected.


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Anti-Moisture Package

Uses of desiccant packs - anti-humidity packs

✔️Preserve all types of dry foods such as; Dried Fish, Dried Squid, Dried Chicken, Dried Shrimp, Biscuits, Dried Cakes, Dried Fruits...etc..

✔️Anti-mold and deodorizing in wardrobes, mattress sheets, and room corners

✔️Preserve nuts: Cashews, coffee, seal seeds, Nutritious seeds, etc.

✔️Preserving electronic components: Cameras, Phones, Computers, Electronic industrial locomotives, etc.

✔️Storage clothes, wardrobes, safes, wardrobe boxes, shoe boxes, shoes, handbags

✔️Conserve coteners, containers, warehouses, rooms, and toilets

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